Monday, February 1, 2010

Mortar and Pestle

I recently was given this mortar and pestle of granite. Already it has proven it's greatness.
Previously, I had a tiny ceramic mortar and pestle. I used it seldom, because it was too small and light to be of much service. This larger stone version really allows you to grind things easily.

There are many advantages the basic mortar and pestle has over an electric grinder.
The mortar and pestle is straightforward and simple. It does not depend on electricity, has nothing extraneous, no cheap plastic parts, no blades to dull, and no motor to break down. A mortar and pestle could work as well a hundred years from now.
Importantly, it is enjoyable to eyes, ears, nose, hands, and mind. It does require more effort than pressing a button, yet that effort is not experienced as strain or drudgery, but actually a kind of fun attended by pleasant sounds and smells.

The crushing friction action of the mortar and pestle is different from that of a blender or cuisineart. I discovered that pesto tastes better when made with the mortar and pestle.

You can grind many things besides spices in a decent-sized mortar and pestle. I made fresh flour from rice and millet in no time at all.
This tool is a really good idea.

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